Saturday, January 4, 2014

4|365 Cinnamon Rolls

4|365 I was going to use a different picture for today, but then I decided that I need to return a bread machine to a good friend. So, for one last time I wanted to make a batch of cinnamon rolls... yummy goodness right out of the oven. Thanks Ramona Dungy Cashmore for letting me borrow it for a few months. New Year's resolution: drop the pounds I gained from eating delicious breads!!!


  1. My daughter makes these every Christmas morning in her bread machine and oh my this Christmas they were just the best, my mouth is just watering looking at these darn you. Hope they were delicious as I am sure they were. DARN

  2. yes, they were delicious... so glad I returned the bread machine though, I was gaining a few pounds!