Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gaviota wind caves

I have been wanting to hike to the Gaviota wind  caves for awhile now and I made a date with Clint to go on my day off.  We followed a paved road for about a half mile, then veered off on a narrow dirt path.  Right away Clint sees a rattlesnake and gets a little spooked for the rest of the hike, I would have been more afraid of the wildcats they warned us of at the beginning of the hike.
The climb is a little steep in places, it's about a 600 foot elevation gain, that part was okay, it was the heat that killed me!  Normally the days are a little cool on the coast and Gaviota is known to be a little windy, but today, NO SUCH LUCK!  Clint checked the temperature and it was 90 degress.
I was happy to reach the cool, shaded caves, we rested on the cool rocks and took lots of pictures before heading back.  A great day, the caves were pretty awesome, next time we'll go in the winter.  Maybe for a sunset hike.

Inside the caves.
Cryptic caves.

Enjoying the view!