Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gaviota wind caves

I have been wanting to hike to the Gaviota wind  caves for awhile now and I made a date with Clint to go on my day off.  We followed a paved road for about a half mile, then veered off on a narrow dirt path.  Right away Clint sees a rattlesnake and gets a little spooked for the rest of the hike, I would have been more afraid of the wildcats they warned us of at the beginning of the hike.
The climb is a little steep in places, it's about a 600 foot elevation gain, that part was okay, it was the heat that killed me!  Normally the days are a little cool on the coast and Gaviota is known to be a little windy, but today, NO SUCH LUCK!  Clint checked the temperature and it was 90 degress.
I was happy to reach the cool, shaded caves, we rested on the cool rocks and took lots of pictures before heading back.  A great day, the caves were pretty awesome, next time we'll go in the winter.  Maybe for a sunset hike.

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  1. I like Clint, I am afraid of snakes as much as he is it seems. The worse thing for me here in AZ are the rattlesnakes. And well the bobcats come in second. Really warm for that part of the world. You needed that cool fog coming in off the ocean.

    I must say again I hate that verication that you have to do to post. I have tried 5 times now to get this to go. Why do you use it, you can put on your blog to show approval before the comment will post much easier on the person posting. Have you had a lot of trouble with spam?