Friday, February 25, 2011

caught in curlers

today is the first day of 52 weeks of picture inspiration. Week one- this is all about you.. our theme for this week is self portraits, documenting ourselves right now.  Well I don't normally wear curlers and this much make-up, but it made taking a selfie much easier... kind of like acting out another character...  I had fun playing this role!

Friday, February 4, 2011

sorry Ash... these will be random, out of order!

picking up Ash and Arek

on the pier

sunset in Santa Barbara


for Ashley

right now these two are my most willing models, I bring out the camera and they do their thang!

one last song before Vietnam

an early spring

rain in December and sunshine in January... these trees think it's spring time already.   Pretty pink blooms all over the park near the house.

a few details of winter...


For Mike and Jennifer to print out and send as Melody's birth announcement.

baby M

a little naked baby photo session, she's not too sure about her aunt Jan and that dumb black thing she carries around all time!  Not another picture!

happy Grandparents

melody at the beach

we met  Grandma and Grandpa at Ventura beach for the day.