Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Liberate Your Art postcard swap 2014

This is my fourth year participating in Kat's LIBERATE YOUR ART, POSTCARD SWAP.  Each year gets better than the last.  There are so many talented artists sharing pieces of themselves with others from around the world.
It really is exciting waiting and wondering what piece of art will be in your mail box and who and where it came from.
This is the postcard I sent out this year... I call it Catching Sunshine... hope you catch some.

 Below are the 5 cards I received from the swap...
This card comes from Carrie in Northern Ireland.  "There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." ~Oscar Wilde  Carrie has an interesting story, check out her blog at,   Thanks Carrie.

Card #2 came from Eva Creel Photography... I grew my wings but they were made of sticks and hard things... Thanks for passing on the complete story to go with this, I love it, Thanks Eva.

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!  Enjoy... Thanks Helen for the delicious postcard.

Card #4 is from Eileen in St. Paul MN.  "The inner fire is the most important thing (wo)mankind possesses." ~Edith Sodergran  Keep the fires burning.  Eileen, I always do!  Thank you for the colorful card.

This card comes from Las Vegas, NV.  "We need not think alike to love alike." ~Francis David   This is so true!  Thank you Ariel for sharing information of the Unitarian Universalism Religion and this beautiful card.

CARD #6 IS FROM KAT HERSELF TO ALL PARTICIPANTS.  I love it Kat.  I always love the art you create with your iphone!
the colors in this piece are beautiful!

So, I never want the swap to end, and have post swapped for the last 3 years.   Here are a few I received this year...

This beautiful card is from an online friend I met through Big Picture classes while participating in Tracey Clark's picture series, and for those of us that didn't want the fun to end, Terri and a few other ladies started a flickr group called prompt addicts and they also have a collaborative blog called focusing on life... check it out!   Love your work Terri, thanks for post swapping!

Sheila Delgado is another online friend I met through Liberate Your Art.  I'm glad we had a chance to swap this year, I love your painted cards, this one is lovely, makes me want to drive to the beach right now.  Thank you Sheila.

The next 6 cards are from ladies I have swapped with in the past and am so happy to continue to connect with them, a tradition I hope we can carry on for many years!

This postcard is from Teresa Harrington Hazelbaker titled: Glass and Snow.  "Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go life is a barren field frozen with snow." ~Langston Hughes  Beautiful card Teresa, thanks for swapping.

This postcard comes from Sherry Harmes in Larsen Bay, Alaska.  "Exuberance is beauty" ~William Blake.  Sherry says Alaska is certainly exuberant, it seems like one day it is gray, cloudy and black and brown, then BOOM!  Everything is green, sunny and happy... Thanks Sherry for swapping again!

This postcard is from Shelly Gross in Ohio.  "Creativity is contagious"  ~Albert Einstein.   This is a photo of her cousin who runs a dance studio and happily posed so Shelly could practice her photography skills... beautiful shot Shelly, I love the reflection in the mirror.  I would love the opportunity to photograph a ballerina!  Thanks for swapping again!

Explore... yes, this picture fits perfectly.  Siobhan, it's been my pleasure sharing this journey with you again... hope to explore more art with you again next year!  Thank you for the beautiful postcard!

"When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment.  I want to give that world to someone else."  ~Georgia O'keefe.  This beautiful postcard comes from Deanie Houghtaling in Arizona.  This beautiful dahlia is from the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.  I'm so jealous, I would love to see Paris!  Thank you Deanie for swapping again this year.  by the way, this came ripped in the mail... :(     Still beautiful anyway!

And, lastly, this beautiful postcard of Staer's Mill from Tammy Wilson in Georgia.  Tammy your awesome, I'm glad we connected through liberate your art and continued our friendship through facebook.
I'm really excited, and nervous too,  that we decided to CHALLENGE ourselves for next years swap... can't wait to see what you come up with!  
I love photography but have been encouraged by all the wonderful "Artists" out there to spread my wings a bit and try my hand at a painting/mixed media postcard for next year, and of course, swapping again with Tammy and all the other ladies I have come to be friends with through this event.

Thank you Kat and all who participated, it was a pleasure to peruse the group of beautiful work.  Looking forward to next year.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

postcard #4 and #5

 This postcard comes from Eileen in St. Paul Minnesota.  The quote reads, "The inner fire is the most important thing (wo)mankind possesses."   Keep the fire burning.   Yes Eileen, I always do!
This beautiful card comes from Ariel in Las Vegas, Neveda.  The quote reads, "We need not think alike to love alike."  ~Francis David  To learn more about the Unitarian Universalism go to