Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Great Pumpkin... day 28

Another quintessential representation of fall is the pumpkin; large, round, vibrant and jovial.  I'm not sure what it is about these unique specimens that makes them so enchanting but they are just that.  It's time today to offer a seasonal ode to the great pumpkin!  Day 28 of Tracey Clarks' picture fall... I love these large Cinderella pumpkins,  their unique shape with the deep grooves.  Not good for carving but a great main attraction.  I used two Florabella textures, Artiste and Ambiance, and added a little mouse for a touch of Cinderella magic.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leafy LOVE... day 27

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Everyone knows that the symbol for this season is the falling leaf.  The glorious texture, color, and shape of these treasures never ceases to amaze me.  No two are ever alike and I never tire of shooting images of them.  Find a way to capture a leaf or leaves today that says something totally new.

open heart, open mind... day 26

Let your heart guide you.  It whispers, so listen closely.      Today, make some room, even if it's only in a photograph.  Seek out some kind of openness and shoot it- nothing inside but room for the good that can come when we allow for it.  I have had this pod on my coffee table for a few years.  I love the little heart shaped hole within the heart pod.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Colors... day 25

the turning of the seasons can bring with it colorful displays.  Shoot something today that boasts rich, quintessential colors of fall.  Leaves are the first things that come to mind for a prompt like this.  Perfect!  But keep in mind all the other things that share falls palette of reds, golds, and oranges.  Look for interesting and unexpected angles and perspectives when you capture your color. 

Family Matters... day 24

today set up your family shot. leaving a little room for yourself, hit the shutter and make a mad dash for your position before your camera clicks.  It's the season of gratitude; show how grateful you are for your own family unit, whatever it looks like.  Well, I'm missing two of my children, so I thought we would do something silly, a little halloween fun.

The rhythm of 23

When you distill things down to simple shape or color and then repeat it in a frame, there is rhythm and a rhyme that is most pleasing to the eye.  Look for some soothing repetition in your daily routine to remind you how peaceful it can be.  Lompoc, Ca flower fields.

darks and lights... day 22

There is something mysterious about an autumn sky.  When you shoot your subject against the dusk, you can capture pretty amazing silhouettes.  I chose to shot against the morning sky.  I liked the  silhouette of these birds against the clouds and their reflections on the wet sand.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

All my Lovin...

Close your eyes and I'll kiss you...

Serving up kindness... day 21

Today's prompt was to look for a way to show a little extra love as you go through your daily rounds and find the JOY in in what your serving up today.   These paper fortune cookies were found over at, Thanks gals for the wonderful template!

Connections... day 20

Capture a connection today that makes you happy.  My cats like to snuggle!  A little kitty connection.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scattered... day 19

Leaves aren't the only thing you find scattered about this time of year.  Seek out beauty and order in the haphazard and strewn about things to discover.  Not exactly beauty in the scattering of spiders, but I thought it fit for the spirit of October.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Muse... day 18

There is no telling when inspiration might strike.  What has been a muse for you lately?  Honor it today by seeing it through your lens.  Light, COLOR, and the hummer always capture my creativity.  This little guy was busy in a garden of birds of paradise until I pulled out my camera.  I was hoping for an in flight shot, but am happy with this....he's beautiful. 17

A plentiful or generous supply... find something that you can boast and celebrate.  A bounty of big, green apples handpicked for a yummy apple cake.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

After the fall... day 7

I forgot to post day 7...ooops!   Go gathering today.  Scoop up leaves, find delicate petals or look for other offerings that have been laid out for you.  The wonders of nature come in every shape and color.

Juxtaposition... day 16. Sailing on a sea of crashing waves of yellow.

Capturing a relationship between subjects in a photo so that each part of the image has some bearing on and relativity to the other.  Today's challenge is to seek out something that tells that kind of story, something that consists of two seemingly opposites or a scene that brings more than one feeling to the shot.   Shoot for something that contradicts itself or challenges your beliefs.

Mid-monnth message... day 15. Perfect just as I am.

What your doing matters.  Everyday, what you are putting in... in any and every part of your life... is important and valuable.  Seek out the message you need to hear most today. Something that reminds you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that is enough.
After working all day without a lunch, I got home a little late and tired.  Nothing was capturing my creativity... then I walked by this picture I put together of my daughter and she looks so free of worry and stress and happy in the moment.  The quote is from "the daily word", it all seemed to work for today's prompt.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unexpected Enchantment... day 14. My bologna has a first name...

Delight in our own inner child by stirring up some wonder and enchantment in an everyday object. This Oscar Meyer Weinermobile was given to my husband as a boy, (about 47 years ago), by his Grandma Bea.  She worked at the Greater Central Market deli in Bellflower, Ca.  The Oscar Meyer delivery man would pass out trinkets to the workers... a reminder of the good old days when things were simple.

good day sunshine... day 13

A burst of round ripe sunny color to transform a gloomy day.

Take some time out... day 12

  Todays challenge... pause long enough to really enjoy life by doing something you love.  This was a hard challenge for me...having just a little time to get the picture, download it, and post- processing,  all before I have to be at work, really didn't give me time for something good.  But, I do enjoy sewing craft items... this little monkey has been my latest project.

Stripping down... day 11

Photographically speaking... todays prompt was to find something that begs to be photographed for its mere texture alone.  Keep your eye out for light and how it can accentuate and even enhance the texture to help you photograph it effectively.  Woodys work is never done.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

simple beauty

a saturday stroll through the park.  These ducks were preening their feathers while enjoying the sunshine... I noticed the beautiful tones of the pond in the background and had to sit and enjoy the scenery for awhile. 10

our challenge today was to find something in the kitchen that brings you joy, warms your heart and reminds you of the bounty you are blessed with.  After my first attempt failed... this became my back-up shot.  This doesn't really warm my heart, but after chopping, I liked the way these looked on the cutting board.

apricot pie

this was my first idea for today's prompt, preparations... after putting the pie in the oven, we sat down for a movie,"the blind side", which was very good, but...ooops,I forgot about the pie and it burnt a bit :(   still tasted good, so I guess that's all that counts.

Friday, October 8, 2010

keeping it simple... day 8

Watch the light on your subject as it reflects, highlights, and shapes the form you are working with.  A study in light.  Find some object that appeals to you and use the light around you to illuminate it.  May the wings of a butterfly kiss the sun...I love how the sun illuminated the wings.   Pismo Beach Monarch Grove, California... every year the butterflies migrate to the warmer climate of the Central Coast.  It's a beautiful sight.

fall bokeh

A study in light.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

not so subtle...Subtleties... day 6

Find a pallette of a  single color, consider the texture and shape of your subject.  I love the rich tones of these veggies found at the local farmers market.


monochromatic subject matter is the theme for today. The lighting, texture and shapes were used to draw out the elements.  I love how our driveway sparkles in the sunlight!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

little reminders of love... day 5

affirm the truth I hold dear...October 4, 2010- Happy 30th anniversary to us.

little reminders... day 5

The most important conversations we have are the ones we have with ourselves.  When we listen to the whispers of our heart and soul, we know exactly what we need to do.  Find the words you need to hear and take a picture for a simple reminder.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shandon Chapel, Ca

Yes...we walked all the way up!!!  It was a beautiful evening on the hill... thunder and rain clouds were in the distance, a few drops fell on us but we managed to make it down the hill without getting wet... worth the drive(and hike) for a visit.