Saturday, July 2, 2011

our first night in Anchorage, AK

May 31st... I got the phone call around 3:00am from Ashley, crying... Mom, Lucy has a fever!  Off they go... dad, mom and sweet, sick Lucy Bell to the emergency room it Kodiak.  Doctors can't seem to find anything wrong with her, but her fever is too high to let her go home.  Blood work is done,  a few failed attempts at a Lumbar puncture are done, and still no diagnosis.  I call Ashley every hour... it's hard to be so far away and not know what's going on... but they don't know much more... a few guesses were, MRSA on her lungs, Meningitis, herpes on the brain (where did that diagnosis come from?).  The doctors there said she was a very sick baby and she needed to be life flighted to the Children's Hospital in Anchorage.  That friday night we made our plane reservations for the next morning.                                                                                                                           After all she had already been through, and not feeling well, she still managed a smile for everyone.  She will melt your heart! 

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