Thursday, April 16, 2015

Liberate Your Art 2015 Postcard Swap

Quirky Owl

Paris in Springtime


Courage Brave Heart

Love, Peace, Joy

Daffodils on the window sill

Above are my 6 postcards that I swapped this year.  I still have a few of each if anyone wants to swap?

This is my Fifth year participating in Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap and as always,  I never want it to end.  The connections made through the swap are priceless!   So last year, one of my LYA friends Tammy Wilson and I challenged each other to make a mixed media, art type postcard instead of our usual photographs for this years swap.  I signed up for a few mixed media classes at the start of the new year and I am hooked!  It is so fun to get your hands dirty and be creative.  It is my goal for this year to get better as an artist.

This year was a little bit different.  In the past we have always waited until the swap was over to "side" swap, but this year it started right away... so I joined in!  Below are my "pre" swaps.
The Tangled leaf from Kat van Rooyen in Virginia

King Fisher from Amy Irwen in Minnesota

Central City Cemetery from Sarah Calhoun in Atlanta, Georgia

An ipad and app creation from a crow photograph from Marsha Leith in Winnipeg, Canada

a moody piece from Lisa Schwinghammer in Madison, Wisconsin

Lasting Impressions by Tammy Wilson in Griffin, Georgia

Strawberry from Jane Peeks in Holland Michigan

Pear from Anne Doyle in Australia

bleeding hearts from Michele Matucheski in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Walnut orchard from Shirina Manes in Yuba City, California

My Grandmothers Brushes from Shirina Manes in Yuba City, California

birds perched on a branch from Tammy Wilson... Yea Tammy!

Loose the map from Teena Lurlene in Richmond Virginia

Sunset at Waikiki from Vicki Ducham in Pine Bush, New York

Fathers Yashica Camera and decorated envelope from Juana Almaguer in Langley Washington

lavender soap card from Terry Owenby in Portland, Oregon 

Then our official swap postcards started to arrive.
#1 is Flowers in Gouache by Yellow Sun Lisa, I love the colors in this piece and of course I am a sucker for a pretty flower.

#2 is from Dorothy Louis from Corvallis Oregon... Peace, Beauty, Truth, Love.  Beautiful colors, so calming, thank you Dorothy.

A few more side swaps...

Wonder from  Sherry Harmes from Larsen Bay, Alaska

Carousel from Deanie Houghtaling in Phoenix, Arizona

rainbow trout from Lenna Andrews in Bradenton, Florida

Currawong in ink from  Diane McWhirter in australia

heart and star zentangle from Libby van Rooyen in Brighton, UK

 vintage sewing machine and dress form from Janette Smith in England, UK

Bull from Kathy Onarheim in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Hoya Plant from Lui Bacaltos in Laguna, Philippines

 Official Postcard #3 "Just Be" comes from Fran Podlesney in Virginia.  Such a beautiful piece Fran!  She writes, "always create" and I plan on doing just that!

Official Postcard #4, Tranquility, comes from Patty Szymkowicz from Virginia.  Gorgeous collage, the colors are so soothing.

Official Postcard #5 is from Dona Hyll in Dayton Ohio.  She likes to be creative making crocheted beaded jewelry with a small group of artists.  I don't think I would have the patience for this... beautiful work Dona.

 and the last postcard of the official swap comes from Kat.  Thank you so much for your time and hard work on putting this event together, each year gets better and better!

And a few more post swaps...
endurance Emu from Linda Ursin in Norway

Sublime Moments and Summer Memories from Jane Ross in Reston, Virginia

Free Bird from Sheila Delgado in Wildomar, California

 I have enjoyed each and every one... snail mail is the best!  Thank you all for swapping your beautiful works of art with me.  I look forward to next year and reconnecting with you all.  It was an awesome year of Liberating Your Art.  Thanks again Kat!


  1. Wow! You hit the jackpot! Each and every one is a beauty and each so different. Let's side swap in 2016! :)

    1. Snap, I did hit the jackpot, I feel so lucky to have received all these beautiful cards. We do need to swap next year!

  2. I love your post with all the pictures-so opposite of mine. I loved the swap too-this was my first time. I also got to participate in some post swaps!

  3. I love snail mail too and lya is my favorite opening to spring. Glad I tried the side swaps this year and loved the postcards you sent me. I look forward to swapping with you next year!

  4. By the way, I still have a few of each card left if anyone is still interested in swapping? Let me know.

  5. You got some lovely cards too :) I love the way you set up the photo of my Emu

  6. Very nicely laid out page Janice. Your cards are beautiful and the ones you received grand as well. Still watching the mail for mine...should be here soon.

    1. Kathy, you should have it already!

  7. so many beauties. love it. First time doing this. I had such fun.

  8. lovely post! Your postcards are all fabulous(I got your Wings card in a side swap!) and you got great ones in return too

  9. WOW what a fantastic array of much to enjoy and admire.
    I have all but one of the official swap cards that you received in my collection now too.
    Well six actually including my "Tranquility" postcard that landed with you.
    I learned alot my first time around!
    Happy beginning of the weekend to you.

  10. Awesome job Janice...what lovely art you received and sent!!! Love mine =) Thanks for encouraging me to get on the mixed media project. Now to create more this year!!!

  11. I love love the cards you made, especially the dreamcatcher. Brilliant!
    --Rebecca of Industrial Grace Restoration

  12. Love seeing all of the cards you received. Gorgeous! it was so had to choose form your creations, they are all so wonderful Janice :0 I would gladly swap for another... but I should let others have a chance :) See you next year :)

  13. What a gorgeous swag of cards :)
    Dani @ sand has no home

  14. Lovely work, Janice! So glad you took the mixed media plunge! I received Paris in Springtime, in the side-swap and owe you one of mine! It will go out this week. :D

  15. Beautiful cards, Janice. Your cards are beautiful and fun! I'm up for a swap if you have any cards left. Let me know. Thanks!

    1. Chandralynn, I have a few extras and would love to swap, email me your address.

  16. Such lovely photos! I'd love to swap if you still have spares, This was my 1st year, and it was so delightful. I always love getting mail, and *ART*MAIL* is so precious. Please let me know...if not, there's always next year!

    1. Mary Jo, I would love to swap, I have a few left... email me your address.

  17. Love the way you displayed these postcards. You have beautiful postcards! great art, Janice... I will come back to you when your side swap cards reach me :)... Have a great day.

  18. what a lovely array of swapped art!! I do mixed media and this is my third year to participate. I have yet to put my own art out there so next year I have alrady thought about what art I will trade instead of my flower photography. Thanks for the inspiration. Your art is great.

  19. A most wonderful visual post and so fun to see my Rainbow Trout here! I really love the quirky owl you sent me. Thanks so much Janice :o)

  20. I love your ART!

    So happy to have participated in the Swap this year and so wonderful to see what you received. See you text time!

  21. Beautiful work received and sent!!! I agree with Suz - love your ART!!!!