Friday, May 10, 2013

These are the last few postcards I have received.  The top postcard is from Pam Parker in Australia with a view from her door... gorgeous!  Pam also sent along an information page about her home town of Wellington and some really awesome stamps, what a treasure!
The Eiffel Tower comes from Deanie, she will be making a return visit in September, can I go with you?  I would love to see this in person.  Thanks Deanie, I will look at it and dream...!
The last postcard is from Maria, she sent a second, unexpected, sweet surprise... "find the beautiful", I do every time I look at her work.  I have been a follower and admirer of her work since Picture Summer 2010.  Thanks Maria, this will find a special place in my home.
Thank you all for the beautiful postcards.  Thank you Kat for hosting a third year, what an awesome event!  Thank you to her helpers, I'm sure your hard work was very much appreciated.  Looking forward to the next LIBERATE YOUR ART swap event.

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