Monday, August 27, 2012

Currently reading...

Well,  i never finished with the beyond layers scavenger hunt, so what's new, i never seem to finish anything these days.  Thursday i was gone all day, actually TAKING pictures and friday i worked a 13 hour day...ughhhh... i hate working till bedtime!
So saturday Ted decided to hang a light fixture for my mom and dad over their dining room table so my dad could seed while he eats, they have lived in this house now for a year and were finally getting around to doing this... dad is happy!  Anyway, while they were installing light fixtures i decided to read the first of the trilogy tales, Fifty Shades of Grey.  A little erotic read for the end of summer.


  1. I would say so.....erotic. I told my daughter I might read this and she was shocked. She said Mom do you know what this book is about? :)

  2. Barbara, my mom read it and she really hated it!!! I asked her why she kept reading...? I think you should definitely read all three books as the story evolves with each one. she might have had a different opinion by the end.